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  yq ALIVE! 2014

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Under 18 Consent Form

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YOuthQuake 2014
Under 18 Consent Form
Theme: ALive! - Isaiah 58:11
Venue: PLKN Nilam Ehsan, Bidor
Camp Fees: RM 220 Per person (Inclusive of T-shirt)
CLosing Date for Registration : 31 OCtober 2014

Youth Quake 2014 Workshops:

  1. Media
    Influences of media.
    Why is it important?
    Good and bad of media.
  2. In His Image
    "Knowledge of God and knowledge of ourselves are intertwined. We cannot know God truly without being awakened to new self-recognition, and we cannot know our true humanity without a new awareness of the majestic grace of God." (Migliore, 2004)
    This workshop will explore what it means for a person to be made in the image of God, how that image has been "marred" by the Fall and effects of sin, and how that image may be restored to its fullness in Jesus Christ.
  3. Man/Woman
    God made us male and female in His image. What does it mean to be masculine and feminine made in His image? Why do we have certain natural gender tendencies? This session will explore gender identity, boy-girl gender relationships, and certain gender distortions originating from family or culture.
  4. Inner Healing
    What is inner healing? Why do we need healing? Root causes?
  5. Understanding Parents, home conflict, role at home
    Workshop 1
    -  Understanding Parents Don't get your parents? Find out why they are lidat!
    Workshop 2
    - Home Conflicts Fights at home? Come find solutions!
    Workshop 3
    - Roles at home Who are you at home? Know your purpose in your family
  6. Life path
    Wondering what field to study and pursue and what occupation may fit you and your personality? John Holland developed a tool based on the principle that choices of vocation are an expression of one's personality. Come an find out your profile and meet various people in different career paths in a forum as you explore your future.
  7. BFF - "Enjoying Friendships'
    WS 1: Enjoying Friendships - through the building blocks
    We do not make friends but this does not mean we should take friendship for granted. How do we celebrate the gift of friendships that God has blessed us with?
    WS 2: Enjoying Friendships - through the thistles and thorns
    People say friends last forever yet in many cases those are just slogans. Do friendships last? What causes friendships to end? What are some blind spots we should be careful about in our friendships with others?
    WS 3: Enjoying Friendship - as God meant it to be.
    Does God have a design for friendships? How do share the good news of God with our friends without being awkward or shy?
  8. God & Evolution
    What is evolution? Why the confusion? God created the world.
  9. Apologetics (by invitation only)
    We get to choose you for this workshop but you can indicate too if you are interested.
  10. Political Awareness
    Malaysia is an interesting country with a rojak of political possibilities. Ever wondered what is going on behind the scenes as you witness one political episode after another? Come and meet people who are lawyers and ADUNs involved in the politics of Malaysia for a first hand experience of "hear it from the horse's mouth".


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