LPL Course 2020

LPL SPIRITUALITY AND DISCIPLESHIP Intensive Weekend Course (28th Feb to 1st March 2020)

This module examines the basics of Christian spiritual growth and the fundamentals of discipleship with the intent that course participants will learn to become more intentional in their growth as Christ’s disciples.

Being an introductory course on Christian Spirituality and Discipleship, it can only point the way to further personal and corporate study, reflection and practice.

Before attending the course participants will need to spend a period of time before God to reflect on how God has been at work in their lives. They will also be required to read and review the basic text for the course which is The Great Omission – Reclaiming Jesus’ Essential Teachings on Discipleship by Dallas Willard.


28th Feb to 1st March 2020
Wesley Methodist Church, Setiawan