PADERI - Run with the Horses VIII

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Run with the horses VIII

“If you have raced with men on foot and they have worn you out, how can you run with horses” (Jeremiah 12:5)
Refreshing Springs Resort, PT 4049, Mukim Sungai Gumut,
Kampung Gumut Tambahan, 44100 Kerling, Selangor DE.
This is the eighth in the series of conferences / retreats organised by PADERI since its first conference was held in 2008. PADERI will continue to focus on the personal soul care of pastors and church leaders who are in Christian ministry and service.
PADERI VIII : The Spectacular Ordinary Life
The centre of this retreat will be God and our encounter with Him. Under the theme of “The Spectacular Ordinary Life” we will explore six other themes of grace, prayer, frameworks, rest, identity and power. All the stimulating themes point us to Jesus Christ who we will seek to know a little better after the retreat is over. Time will be given for individual reflection, group interaction and prayer. ‘The glory of God is a human person fully alive’ said one of the Church Fathers. Our aim is to be more alive at the end of the retreat than at the beginning. This retreat will be led by Revd. Dr. Viv Thomas and his wife Sheila Thomas in six plenary sessions with time set aside for sharing in small groups, rest, personal reflection, prayer and fellowship.
Plenary One : Cycle of Grace
We will pay attention to the ideas that drive us in ministry. Some give life and others take life from us. So which way are we living?
Plenary Two : Prayer
We will focus on developing our conversation with God. This conversation is the key to a sustained and flourishing ministry. What do we need to pay attention to when it comes to prayer?
Plenary Three : The framework for developing a Spectacular Ordinary Life
We will look at 12 key areas that shape the way we live our lives. This will be a life that is spectacular on one hand and ordinary on the other if we live it well.
Plenary Four : Rest
Many leaders work hard. However, the key to working hard and well is not the nature of the work but the nature of how to rest. We are called to work from a place of rest and not the other way around.
Plenary Five : Uniquely You
We will focus on knowing ourselves in a way that will enable us to live with greater freedom and to make better choices.
Plenary Six : Power
In our final session we will look at four sources of power that will help us in ministry so that we can live bold, humbly and free.
Revd. Dr. Viv Thomas, an ordained Anglican priest, is the founder of Formation (www.formation.org.uk). He is a speaker, writer, mentor, spiritual director, retreat leader and organisational consultant with a passion for Spiritual Formation and Leadership Development.
Viv is also an Associate International Director of OM International while serving as the Honorary Teaching Pastor at St. Paul’s, Hammersmith in London.