Event Title: Homiletics
27-Jun-2020 to 28-Jun-2020
Venue: Wesley Methodist Church, Setiawan

Homiletics (27th - 28th June 2020)

Course Description
The focus of this course (compulsory module) is the practical task of preparing a sermon. The preparation of a sermon needs the basic skill of studying the Bible passage, discovering and analysing the exegetical idea, shaping those ideas into a homiletical theme, developing an outline and then turning it into a sermon-proper. This course will help the participant grasp the fundamentals of preaching and the process involved in the making of a sermon. In addition, the participant will explore the ingredients for effective preaching and learn to restore its centrality to worship in the church. 

Course Objectives
By the end of this course, you will:-

  1. Be ready to prepare expository sermons, beginning with the process of choosing the passage to bringing it to a full-fledged sermon.
  2. Be ready to deliver the sermon more effectively.
  3. Be more aware and discerning of the ingredients for a good sermon.
  4. Be aware of the key components of the communication process and its usefulness to the preacher.

Course Requirements
You are required to read any TWO of the following books:
Chapell, Bryan, Christ-Centered Preaching (Baker Books, 1994)
Killinger, John, Fundamentals of Preaching (Fortress Press, 1985)
Lloyd-Jones, Martin, Preaching and Preachers (Zondervan, 1971)
Robinson, Haddon W. Expository Preaching (IVP, 1986)
Stott, John, I Believe in Preaching (Hodder, 1982)
The Pastor’s Guide to Effective Preaching (Beacon Hill Press, 2003)

To register please contact Mr Abel How at 010-463 5976 and email your registration to sitiawan.wmc@gmail.com.


27th - 28th June 2020
Wesley Methodist Church, Setiawan
Rev Dr Jeya